Quality design, good construction, efficient operation and regular maintenance of any technical systems are a prime need. Emergency and periodical maintenance are necessary for overcoming breakdown as well as production hampering. Maintenance is a must for avoiding related hazards like fire, accident etc. Even using the best technology, the safety of life cannot be ensured without skilled personnel who can operate and maintain the system smoothly. Bangladesh, the world's second largest garment product exporter after China, with 60% of its clothes going to Europe and 23% to the USA.

After recent shocking fire incident and building collapse in garment industries the Government of Bangladesh has taken effective steps for reducing defects to zero in this sector. Following the initiative BUET, Accord and Alliance has been engaged for assessment and acceleration follow up action as regard to Fire, Building & Electrical safety concern.

All factories producing RMG and knitwear for Accord and Alliance signatory companies has been brought to independent inspections on Fire, Structural, Electrical and work environmental condition as per standard set by Accord and Alliance including BNBC, NFPA

The aim of EDS BD is to provide quality services to clients to deliver efficient, safe and goal oriented Engineering designs, drawing, consultancy, constructions and maintenance.

EDS BD offers a wide range of services including maintenance, inspection defect finding and recertification, installation, design and planning, testing, training etc. employing the expertise of our engineers and consultants.

We also provide Renovation work of old electrical distribution system and Retrofitting of MV & LV Switchgear units as per BNBC & NFPA Standard.

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